Are You A Shy Girl Who Wants To Flirt? Here Is How

Are You A Shy Girl Who Wants To Flirt? Here Is How

Are you more shy than other girls when it comes to flirting? Are you prone to stammering, clumsiness, nervousness and sweating when a hot guy makes a pass at you? I exactly understand how it feels to be in your shoes, because once upon a time even I used to be that kind of a girl. Don’t let your shyness keep you away from the wonderful world of dating. Here I will teach you how you can overcome your shyness and become a pro at flirting.

1. Socialize more often

You won’t gain confidence by sitting within the four corners of your house. If you wanna shrug away that shyness, you will have to step out of your shell and socialize as and when you get the chance. Go to places where the hot guys hangout and by that, I don’t mean at the science laboratory. The nerds come there to study and not to check out girls. You could go to some place like a party, a nightclub or a school picnic.

2. Pick the right attire

Your outfit will definitely make you look more attractive, so pick something really stylish. You can take ideas from your close friends who have a good sense of style or your inspiration could be fashion magazines. Use cosmetics to highlight your features. However, also make sure that you’re wearing something you’re comfortable in. Unless you’re comfortable, you will not be able to carry yourself well in whatever you’re wearing. Wear the right outfit for the right occasion. In short, blend style with comfort and you will look stunning as ever.

3. Attract the boys towards you

Once you have dressed up like a diva and are looking like a million bucks, you will have plenty of guys coming up to you. Some may look at you, waiting for an invitation. So what do you do? You look at them, check them out and decide whether you like them or you don’t. If you don’t, you can ignore them. But if you do, give them a nice warm smile. Now I don’t mean that flight-attendant-fake-smile; I mean a genuine smile. Your smile will make you seem approachable and even more attractive than you are. This is the way it works.

4. Make a cute guy notice you

Now what do you do when a guy whom you find cute doesn’t notice you? You get caught looking at him. Yes sister, get caught looking at him a couple of times. If he is interested, he will look back at you or approach you. Then you smile. If even after catching you a couple of times looking at him, he doesn’t reciprocate, stop it right there. Continuing to look at him will make him perceive you to be a psycho. I learnt that the hard way when I was 16. Big deal, if he doesn’t like you back. There are plenty of fish out there-bigger and tastier, so continue fishing. Who knows, you may just catch hold of a delicious shark!

5. Keep the conversation going

When he comes to talk to you, he may compliment you about something. It may be your eyes, your dress, the way you look or your smile. When he does, it is okay to blush, but it is not okay to keep your mouth shut. Keeping your mouth shut will just make you seem like a 5-year old kid. Say something like,”Thank you so much, that was very sweet.” As the conversation is going, you may say something playful and tease him. And for heaven’s sake, don’t keep the conversation like a formal interview by asking yes or no questions.

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