5 Facts About Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Addiction

Facts About Philip Seymour Hoffman's Addiction

Philip Seymour Hoffman was one of the most brilliant actors of his generation. He could take on any role and play it to perfection. He was loved by everyone and was a great hit even if he was not conventionally good looking. Not many new that before he took up acting, he was battling an addiction to drugs. Even though he did not shy away from talking about it, it looks like he did not pay himself any heed for he got back into it. There are so many who still have not gotten over his sudden death. His addiction not only killed him but has left behind a devastated girlfriend and three little kids. Here are some facts that you should know about his addiction so it serves as a lesson for anyone using drugs and want to get away from it for good before it turns fatal.

1. The cops found almost 70 envelopes of heroin in his house

Soon after his death of reported, the cops who came into the scene found almost 70 envelopes of heroin in his house. He was also found dead with a needle stuck in his arm. Although some envelopes still contained heroin, most of it was found empty.

2. He died of an overdose

Officials also doubted if he took a potentially fatal mix of heroin and fenatyl the painkiller. This combination has already been linked to many other deaths and maybe Hoffman could have taken it himself. Even if not for fenatyl the sheer amount of heroin found in his apartment after his death would have killed him. We never know what inner demons he had to fight to get dependent on heroin so much

3. No one really knew his addiction was that bad

Except maybe his girlfriend and others who supplied him with the drugs, no one really knew how bad his addiction was and no one can really say what triggered his downfall and his downward spiral to drugs.

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