7 Things that May Destroy Your First Date

Things that May Destroy Your First Date

The first date is probably the most important date. It decides if you would continue to see each other or stop seeing each other after the date. It is also when you get to know more about the other person and start forming your opinions. Just as much as you would expect the date to go well, the other person will also have some expectations and reservations. There are certain things that you must never do on a first date and here is a list of things that can destroy your first date.

1. Being late

Be punctual on your first date. It speaks loads about you and also sets the mood for the date. You can’t expect to have a normal and enjoyable date after making your date wait for a few hours. There is also no harm in going there a little early so you can get comfortable with the place.

2. Talking about your ex

Never keep talking about your ex or bad mouth your ex on your first date. It sets a bad tone to the date and also shows the other person that you really haven’t gotten over your ex. He would lose interest in you as a person when he knows that you still are unable to get over thinking about your ex.

3. Offer to split the tab

Never expect the guy to pay for everything on the first date. He may not let you pay but that should not stop you from offering to split the tab. You do not want to come across as a free loader on your first date. It is always better to offer and ask how he feels about you paying for things.

4. Fiddling with the mobile

You may be very nervous about your first date and may keep looking at your phone even when there is nothing to look at. You should stop fiddling with your phone and try to give you full attention to your date. There is always time for the phone.

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