8 Steps To Become The Cutest Girl In School

8 Steps To Become The Cutest Girl In School

The boys may drool over the sexy girls for a day or two, but the truth is, in the long run, it is the cuties whom they can’t stop thinking of. A cute girl is not just desirable by most boys, but everyone around her seems to like her. You’ll become an instant hit in school not just among the boys, but even the girls will really like you. Take a few tips from me, and I promise you, you’ll be the cutest one in school. Read below to know about 8 ways to look cute.

1. Adopt feminine clothes

Looking cute means you will have to wave sayonara to your tomboyish style. Generally, cute girls look fragile, innocent and adorable. So you will have to wear lots of girly clothes from now on. Choose dresses and shirts with a wide flare at the bottom. But if you don’t want to look like a toddler, make sure that they are above your knees, the shorter the better. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to boycott pants. You are allowed to wear short pants or full length jeans, but make sure you team them up with a dressy top. Pick tops and dresses with lace, frills, ribbons, bows and puffy sleeves. You can also choose shirts with laces and frills. Skirts with pleats will also make you look really cute.

2. Pick the correct shades

Avoid wearing metallic colors and shades of black as far as possible. Instead settle for lighter shades. You may also choose exceptionally bright colors like the yellow of the morning sun, vibrant orange, shocking pink and sky blue. The other shades that you can easily settle for are brown, pink, peach, white and cream. They may be dull but are very natural colors and will make you look really cute.

3. Style your hair

Always make sure that your hair is well done. First and foremost, get a really cute haircut. You may settle for long or short. You can use multiple layers or a feather cut, whatever suits your face the most. But see that you go for bangs or a fringe swept romantically across your face. My personal recommendation is curly hair. Nothing looks cuter than “play with me” curls. You can use large rollers after bath to make your hair form beautiful curls. However, if you prefer your hair straight or wavy, nothing is wrong with that as well. You can also tie your hair into ponytails or braids. Use a hair spray to keep your hair perfectly in place.

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