6 Reasons You must not Get Obsessed About Looks

Reasons You must not Get Obsessed About Looks

“Pretty is as pretty does”, this means that beauty is only skin deep. Right from childhood, most of us are brought up with stories of Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood and Sleeping beauty. All of these are stories that focus so much on the aspect of being externally pretty, that we start obsessing about the importance of physical beauty. Often, people tend to believe that exterior beauty can overshadow inner beauty. Listed below are reasons why you must not get so obsessed about looks.

1. It can affect relationships

Obsession about looks makes you start liking people only for their external appearances. Thus, you tend to lose out on the best relationships with people just because you are not satisfied by the way they look. Always remember, beauty is only skin deep. You may get attracted towards a person for their looks, but in time it is the person that they are that will determine how happy they can keep you.

2. It may negatively affect your judgments

Beauty-obsessed people tend to judge a person by the way they look. It they find someone attractive, they automatically assume that the person is nice and vice versa. However what they don’t seem to understand is that looks can be deceptive. Hence if you become beauty obsessed it will result in you making disaster judgments about people and thus taking terrible decisions.

3. You may develop an inferiority complex

Not always is it possible to look your best. There will be days when you will not be able to look that good physically. On such days, if you are beauty obsessed, you are most likely to get a low self-esteem about yourself. Also there will always be someone who is prettier than you. When you come across such a person, you will start having feelings of inferiority and envy.

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