6 Reasons Why Girls Love James Bond

6 Reasons Why Girls Love James Bond

Bond 23, is all set for release in November 2012. Just like me, I’m sure all you girls out there are dying to be introduced to this hottie once again, James Bond style. There are a couple of reasons behind the never-dying James Bond following among the fairer sex. Let’s check some of them out.

1. He’s got the looks

He is so so good looking! He is the perfect definition of the word ‘handsome’. If you have noticed the men these days, you’ll find many cute ones around. But handsome? You’ll rarely find them. James Bond is a perfect example of how a man should be. Being smart doesn’t mean that you have to look like a nerd. James Bond is proof of that. Are the boys listening?

2. He’s got the style

Whenever he makes his grand entrance, he does it with style. He’s mature, suave and wears suits. You’ll never see James Bond dressed up or behaving in a clumsy manner. Even if you wake him up at 4 in the morning, he’s always upright and stylish. In spite of fighting away notorious villains and despite traveling for hours, James Bond is as good as new.

3. He’s got the charm

One of the most important reasons- he is charming! After 22 James Bond films, if he has still managed to keep us wanting for more, obviously he’s got something in him that stands out from the rest. And obviously you do know that as you are reading this piece, James Bond films are still being made, right? And people are looking forward to them. Such is his popularity quotient.

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