9 Ways to Avoid Gaining Weight During The Holiday Season

 9 Ways to Avoid Gaining Weight During The Holiday Season

Yes, we know how difficult that task seems. Especially when it’s holiday season, you tend to indulge unthinkably. Firstly, you need to stop that behavior and a few other things too. Difficult though it may be, but you’re just a few ideas and tricks away from achieving the status of being slim all through Christmas. Read on to know ways to avoid gaining weight during the Holiday season.

1. Swap fatty foods with healthier options

During the festive season, it’s hard to deny yourself all those Christmas treats. Well, now you have a choice. Instead of having fatty foods, you can exchange them for much healthier foods. For instance, have Buck’s Fizz instead of champagne, chocolate liqueurs instead of chocolate truffles, goat cheese instead of regular cheese and so on.

2. Watch what you eat

Christmas time is a time to splurge as well as indulge all your senses. But, just keep a check on what you are eating and how many calories you consume. A handful of Macadamia nuts and Brazil nuts have 23g and 24g fats respectively, while a tablespoon of sour cream contains 7g fats. So, you should always keep in mind what and how much you are eating.

3. Have a workout schedule

The term ‘holiday season’ doesn’t apply to your workout sessions. Keep a definite workout schedule even before Thanksgiving and continue it throughout the festive season. After all, this is the time you consume the most calories and you definitely need to burn them.

4. Avoid ‘white’ foods

White foods consist of white potatoes, white rice and all white flour products. These foods have the ability to increase your appetite. Thus, it’s best to avoid them to reduce the chances of eating more.

5. Have plenty of whole grains and beans

Replace the above mentioned starchy foods with whole grains and beans that are a much healthier choice. Moreover, they also lead to suppressing your appetite. You can have brown rice in place of white rice, bean salad instead of potato salad and the likes.

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