5 Reasons You Should Support Your Boyfriend’s Dreams

5 Reasons You Should Support Your Boyfriend's Dreams

Dreams are touchstones of our character. If your boyfriend dreams of something, it means that subconsciously, he longs for it. Be it anything, from owning a particular car to getting a career of his choice. When you actually get into a relationship with someone, you agree to bond with every single part of them, their character, attitude, moods and even their dreams. So, if you really want a high score on the cards of being a girlfriend, you have to incline yourself to his dreams. Being supportive of each other not only strengthens the bond but also creates a feeling of mutual acceptance. Here are some reasons why you should support your boyfriend’s dreams.

1. To let him know how important he is to you

For every guy, his girl’s opinion matters the most. The first person he’d ever call to ask ‘what shirt to wear to the party’ or ‘what to get his mom for her birthday’ is you. That one lucky charm in his life whom he’d probably call before an interview and the first person to share his happy and sad moments is always his girlfriend. The kind of importance you hold in his life can be seen from his day to day behavior. It is probably time you show how important he is to you. By supporting his dreams, learning more about them and letting him know you’re also dreaming the same for him, you can show him that he is important to you.

2. To boost his confidence

When you show interest in his dreams, it assures him that he is on the right path and that he has the capability to do whatever he wants to. You should surely be supportive but at the same time you should also provide him with the right amount of guidance as to what is good for him. This also helps to pamper his ego.

3. To let him know that you accept him as he is

Nothing feels better than someone accepting you for what you are and not requesting any change in you. Acceptance from you is what he is probably looking for and encouraging his dreams will show that you have accepted him.

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