9 Healthy Foods to Avoid

9 Healthy Foods to Avoid

When it comes to our healthy routines in life, we always try to live beyond the edges, eventually trying to maintain our bodies and minds. But too much of healthy food can be a bit of a trouble especially since life isn’t completely about doing ‘the right thing’ or eating the ‘right things’. Here is a list which states those food items which we would normally ensure are served on our daily menus. But, the shocking truth is that they aren’t as healthy as they are portrayed. On the contrary, they cause more harm than benefit. Excluding these fake health foods may help you make healthy, nutritional food choices and bring a radical change in your life. Plus, sometimes avoiding such delicacies can really allow you to explore your taste buds and take them to a whole new level. For now, check out some healthy foods to avoid.

1. Whole-Grain Bagels

If say once in a while you do avoid a whole grain bagel, instead revel in another food item, then it isn’t much of a big deal. Even a loaf of bread is more than enough to fill your caloric carts, because it contains more starch than any other product you can find, since you consume it directly.

2. High Fiber Yogurt

They talk about yogurt being a fiber refill. However it really doesn’t contain all that much fiber. How about an avocado instead? In truth, it contains more fiber than yogurt. Slide in a guacamole in your order; it’s worth more than those commercially advertised yogurts.

3. Fruit & Vegetable Drinks

There are very few products which actually contain real fruit in them. So it is better to avoid these drinks and go in for the customary fruits and vegetable in their natural doses. These drinks might have their quantities labeled and legally approved however the amount of nutrients you obtain through real fruits and vegetables is much much more. A part of your dessert or some continental salad is a better buy to consume vitamins directly.

4. Frozen Diet Entrees

How can you expect processed items to maintain nutrients in them when they undergo the maximum changes in their productions? It leads to chlorine and sodium accumulation, which if taken in heavy amounts within our body, can lead to gastronomic afflictions. So, it is better to avoid them off your list and revert to the old natural recipes where home cooked food seemed so much more appetizing.

5. Fat-Free Cheese

Cheddar and Mozzarella might be fat free but they contain more chemicals than the natural cheese. So, it’s better to not be taken in by their fancy brands and advertisements especially since they lack necessary fats and proteins in their composition.

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