7 Lines – What Guys Like to Hear

7 Lines - What Guys Like to Hear

The secret to a strong and long-term relationship is the appropriate use of words at the apt time. You must have wondered what to speak to him to make him love you with more passion and give you more attention. Men are less complicated individuals as compared to women. Speak what they want to hear and they will forever be yours. Use these lines to flatter him and keep up the spark in your relationship. Listed here are some lines guys like to hear.

1. “You are the best thing that has happened to me.”

It is quite helpful to quote famous romantic lines. They can build up his mood romantically. Be truthful and speak it with all intent when quoting such excerpts.

2. “It is all right.”

You may be be desperate to talk to him or go out with him when he is busy watching his favorite sport. But don’t strike the wrong cord right then. Another similar situation could be when he is occupied in his place of work and might not be able to take your calls. Guys want their girls to be understanding. Convey it to him that it is okay.

3. “You are wonderful.”

Everybody loves to be admired. Your partner is not an exception. Tell him how much effect he has on you. He would love it if you will call him hot and handsome. Praise him for something he does just for you. Take into account that he does not work out in the gym as he loves laboring but because he wants you to notice him.

4. “I care for you.”

Guys think about other things besides eating, playing and sleeping. Your boy wants you to be concerned about him. If you do not hate it when your guy weighs you against his mother, then you are a saint. This cannot be prevented but you can definitely make him understand that you also care for him.

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