13 Tips to Throw a Super Cool Graduation Party

13 Tips to Throw a Super Cool Graduation Party

Graduating from college opens a whole new world for the youngsters. It brings with itself new challenges and bigger responsibilities. It also is a time to celebrate and party with all the friends. To make the party more fun and entertaining here are few ideas:

1. Plan a theme party. Like superhero themes where everyone comes dressed up as their favorite superhero. It would be fun to have Spiderman, Batman or Catwoman around in the party.

2. Hire a venue with a pool so that you can have a fun filled pool side party.

3. Arrange a mike and make a small stage where you can have some funny performances like mimicking your teachers, sharing your funny memories etc. It will definitely add a lot of fun to your party.

4. Put up a big white board or a huge card where everyone can write messages.

5. Ask everyone to wear a plain white t shirt or their college uniforms. Ask everyone to write messages on each other’s uniform so that you have one good reason for not throwing it away.

6. Have someone to shoot a video of your graduation party. Let him shoot everything and later you can send copies to everyone so they’ll have memories of their graduation party with them forever.

7. Hire a DJ and get everybody on the dance floor. You can even choose a disc for the party venue.

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