7 Signs Your Hookup is Falling for You

7 Signs Your Hookup is Falling for You

You have hooked up with someone and not clear what he feels about you? You want to know if you are headed into something serious and are too shy to ask him. You might also want to know if he is getting too serious to tell him it is not going anywhere and prepare to ditch him. Whatever your reasons to know, you don’t really have to ask him. There are some clear signs to know when your hookup is falling for you.

1. He calls you many times in a day

From getting his calls whenever he wanted to meet or you calling to fix up a date, he calls you more often and sometimes more than once in the same day. And when he calls he won’t have anything important to say and just keep talking.

2. He wants to know more about you

You find yourself answering too many questions about you. He wants to know what your favorite color is. Where you were born and what your parents do for a living. He is more interested in hearing you talk and finding more about you and your likes and dislikes.

3. He brings flowers when you meet

Not only does he bring you flowers, but you realize that he’s put in a lot of effort into buying the flowers that you like.

4. He compliments you a lot

He’d say your makeup is good or your dress fits perfect or the color looks gorgeous on you. These are things he may have noticed before but never told you. But now he does and goes to great lengths to make you understand that he notices stuff about you.

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