13 Fun Facts About Breasts

 Fun Facts About Breasts

Cleavage is a woman’s secret weapon. You can be at the top of your game by learning some fun facts about breasts.

1. Breasts weight contain 4-5% of the body’s fat.

2. When aroused, female’s breasts expand and nipples get a wee bit taller and erect.

3. The largest size of bra found in the world is 38KKK

4. Commuting topless is legal for women in Hawaii, New York, Texas and Maine. In other places it is considered public nuisance.

5. Two women sharing the same cup size might not have the same cleavage size.

6. Smokers are prone to get much saggier breasts than women who avoid tobacco. With every drag you might be risking your body’s elastin.

7. If you notice a lonely strand (or 2-15 strands) of hair on your areola do not be frightened. It is more common than you think.

8. Your cleavage can grow asymmetrical with age. To maintain the elasticity and the firmness of the breasts, wear proper fitting bras when you exercise. Do not sleep facedown, as this can cause the weight of your body to fall on your breasts.

9. Nipples too differ in shape and size and point in different directions.

10. To enhance your breasts naturally take care of your posture. Face-down push ups too help in augmenting the breast size.

11. Vogue was the first magazine to use the term ‘brassiere’ in 1907.

12. The first bra was crafted using two handkerchiefs stitched together, while the straps were made of baby ribbons.

13. When a women is aroused by a man’s fondling of her cleavage it triggers the secretion of oxytocin in women’s brains.

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