8 Best Places to Skydive Around the World

8 Best Places to Skydive Around the World

This one is not for the weak-hearted. It’s for those who live for the thrill. There is hardly anything more exciting than jumping mid-air out of a plane. Skydiving is for the true adventure enthusiast and is sure to leave your heart racing. We give you some of the best places to skydive in the world.

1. Victoria Falls, Zambia

If you are looking for a dramatic backdrop for a skydive, then the raging Victoria Falls are just what you need since they are one of the biggest waterfalls in the world. The flight will be extremely scenic and will give you the aerial view of the Zambezi River. Though the drop may not last long, the beauty that you will witness will leave you spellbound.

2. Hawaii

Wish to see the entire island at once? You can do this if you skydive in Hawaii. The best part is that Skydive Hawaii uses an energy efficient plane to minimize the carbon footprint and preserve the beauty of the landscape. Let the mesmerizing blue and green fill your heart with joy.

3. Lake Taupo, New Zealand

One of the most popular spots for skydiving, Lake Taupo is great for both the amateurs and the experienced jumpers. You get to jump above the same place where the “ring” in Lord of The Rings was made and destroyed. And if it is cloudy, do not fret. You can jump through a cloudy hole and witness some of the most beautiful sights that you have ever seen.

4. Airlie Beach, Australia

Skydiving at the Airlie beach lets you dive directly over the Whitsunday islands. The view of the Whitehaven beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, is sure to leave you speechless. You will be able to take in the beauty of electric-blue water and the white sand dunes.

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