8 Signs that Your Boyfriend Is Attracted to Your Friend

8 Signs that Your Boyfriend Is Attracted to Your Friend

Losing a boyfriend to another girl is tough enough but to lose him to your friend can be the most devastating feeling of your life. Firstly, you lose your man. Secondly, it is doubtful if you will be able to retain even your friendship, as you will always feel having been betrayed by her and the memory of it all will leave a bad taste which will be hard to overcome. But all of these can be avoided if you are able to foresee what is brewing between your guy and your friend beforehand. Listed here are some warning signs that your boyfriend is attracted to your friend.

1. He constantly enquires about her

You may initially overlook it and in fact be happy that your boyfriend is getting on with your friends, but remember that too much eagerness too is bad. It is none of your boyfriend’s business to know about your friend’s likes and dislikes in minute details and other such facts. His eagerness to do so may be an indication that something is going on.

2. He brightens up when her name is mentioned

If you notice a sudden change in his visage towards joy and excitement when your friend’s name is mentioned, don’t just overlook it. Instead, find out if it is a regular occurrence. Why has this guy who loathes most of your friends suddenly turned so receptive towards this one particular girl?

3. He looks forward to meeting her

Does he enjoy the time you three spend together at the café and looks forward to the next meeting with enthusiasm? If he seems to make the most of every opportunity that comes his way to meet her, even if it be in your presence, then something must be going on.

4. He dresses up well for her

If you have been together for long, it is very likely that you will get more comfortable in your relationship and won’t dress up every day to please each other. But if you notice him taking special interest in his attire all of a sudden, especially when she is there, then consider it a sign that she is more than a friend to him.

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