4 Things Your Boyfriend’s Friends Won’t Tell You

4 Things Your Boyfriend's Friends Won't Tell You

No matter how good a boyfriend the guy you are in love with is, but there are certain things he won’t let you know (yet), not because he wants to keep secrets, but because he is unsure as to how you would react. If you try to learn things from his friends as an alternative, even then, you are least likely to be have any luck. Not that you won’t learn anything, but there will always be secrets which even his friends will keep from you – at least till they get a green signal from your boyfriend. Listed below are the top 4 things your boyfriend’s friends won’t ever tell you.

1. His past affairs

They will never tell you about the affairs which your boyfriend may have had in the past. Among all things, this is something you can least expect to hear from his friends. This is, again, not for the purpose of keeping the truth from you, but primarily not to jeopardize the relationship you are in with your boyfriend. Remember that they are wary of your reaction and nothing else, and they are concerned about your boyfriend’s life which now includes you. His past flings may not have all been very innocent and therefore they prefer not to talk about any such thing so as to avoid any kind of unwanted spilling of beans that may happen.

2. His drinking habits

Another thing your boyfriend’s friends would not tell you is about his drinking habits. You may have seen your boyfriend drinking at night clubs, bars and so on. But if he has any history of too much drinking, which he is currently keeping in check owing to your presence in his life, do not expect his friends to talk about it to you.

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