5 Ways to Reduce Outside Noise to Concentrate Better

5 Ways to Reduce Outside Noise to Concentrate Better

The problem with noise is that besides being a nuisance in itself, it also does not let you concentrate on your work. Therefore, though it might not be feasible in every circumstance to eliminate the noise in question altogether, there certainly are ways in which you can train your mind to be able to concentrate even when noise is present. This is not easy; in fact it requires quite some dedication. The noise may be of traffic (car horns) or some industrial noise from a nearby construction work or factory or just a very noisy neighborhood. All you need to do is ensure that the effect the noise has on your work is minimized. Here are 5 ways to reduce noise coming from outside to concentrate better.

1. Block out noise

Of course, the first thing that would come to your mind is to somehow stop the noise altogether. But you would soon realize that it is not always possible. Therefore, what you must do is block it out. You cannot stop the noise altogether, but you can most definitely stop it from reaching your ears. Use earplugs while working; there are special noise reduction headphones which are available these days which will help you in blocking out these unwanted noises from outside. Also, if the noise is too loud or too intrusive, put on your headphones and play your favorite piece of music.

2. Relocate

Though it might not be feasible every time, but it most certainly is one effective way to make sure that noise from outside does not affect your work adversely. Whatever work you might have, if it is something you can do at another quieter place, the first thing to do is move. You might prefer a public library or a park or even a cafe. Relocate only if the place is really calmer and allows you to concentrate better and get your work done more easily.

3. Visualize

It might sound tricky but the truth is visualization really helps in concentrating better. If your work requires you to read text and/or process information in the form of printed text or reading out from the computer screen, a foolproof way to remember and concentrate on the subject matter is to visualize in your mind whatever it is that you need to remember or process. Shutting your eyes and ‘seeing’ the information in your mind really helps. This might take some time to understand and master if you are not into storytelling, but once you do, it really is wonderful.

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