7 Ways Men Change After Marriage

7 Ways Men Change After Marriage

Marriage is a very important phase in life that can result in several decisions that you make for your future. Choosing the right person during this endeavor is the most significant choice anyone can make and needs to be done meticulously. It may be a great choice to marry a long time friend with whom you have shared the best time of your life. Someone who has always been there for you, showed the much needed care, attended to you when you most needed it and has simply been through thick and thin.

However, there may be a catch in store for you when you actually settle down with this boyfriend. While some changes may be natural and happen for the better, there are other transformations that might catch you unawares and leave you bewildered. Understanding and expecting such transformations beforehand will help you come to terms with life and make an appropriate decision of choosing your life partner. Listed here are some ways men change after marriage.

1. They don’t feel the need to charm or be chivalrous

Some men may think or through body language show that offering surprise gifts or being chivalrous is no longer a need after marriage. They consider these as tools to woo and not as a means to make their wife happy. This is a very common change and may be impractical for the man to follow it every time especially when he is going through tough times at work. The best solution is to set your expectation right and discuss a practical approach with your husband. Being chivalrous and giving occasional surprises, undoubtedly, renders a charm to a relationship.

2. They don’t make efforts to look presentable

A man and for that matter, a woman will be dressed to their nines before marriage. Looking good was a priority then but that may not be the case any longer. This is primarily because the need to impress does not survive after marriage.

3. They tend to get lazier

Laziness is an attribute many of us possess at some point in time or the other. The habit increases when you have someone to do all that you want them to. Most times, many chores that your boyfriend may have done otherwise may shift to the lady after marriage. With time, this becomes an expectation and the need to do them comes down for the husband. Housekeeping is the first area where you will begin to notice these changes.

4. They tend to become more responsible

Your boyfriend may have been lavish and generous before marriage. With marriage and vows come responsibilities because there is an inevitable need to provide for the family that may become extended eventually.

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