7 Signs You are Confused About a Relationship

7 Signs You are Confused About a Relationship

If you love him a lot, then you will be ready to commit in a relationship. If you do not feel good after committing, that means you are confused regarding your relationship status. Read on to know some signs of a confused relationship.

1. Feelings of insecurity

Do you feel insecure in a relationship? Security and love are two important factors of a successful relationship. If you feel insecure, then you do not trust your partner. In that case, you would not want to commit to him. This is a very confusing stage of a relationship.

2. Erratic behavior

If your boyfriend behaves normally with you, then you love him. If he ignores you, you do not want to see his face. This behavior indicates that you do not trust him anymore. Be sure of your feelings in this situation. You are confused, because you are not aware of your real feelings.

3. Losing respect

Do you respect your partner in a relationship? Respect plays an important role, which helps to make the relationship strong. If you are losing respect for your partner, then you may be in a confused state of mind. Evaluate the situation to know, do you really love him?

4. Keeping silence

If you do not want to confront your partner over something which is wrong, think again. This is a possible sign that you are confused regarding the whole situation. It is possible that you want to leave the relationship. Rather than keeping quiet, confront your partner directly.

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