9 Ways to Know if Your Husband is Cheating

9 Ways to Know if Your Husband is Cheating

Do you think that your husband is not showing interest in you nowadays? Do you have a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach? Is this feeling telling you that something is not right with your husband or the way he is behaving nowadays? If your answer is ‘Yes’ then it is time to figure out what these feelings are about. It is human nature to be suspicious. You may feel suspicious when your spouse calls you up to tell that he will be working late for a few days. If you want to find out what exactly is going on, then pay attention to the following signs and to your instinct. Make sure you don’t confuse signs with proof.

1. Sudden need of privacy

You will surely feel weird if your partner asks you to give him some privacy all of a sudden. Couples usually share their feelings and everything with each other. Be it a small tiff with the boss or a big fight for the parking space, a married man usually tells all these things to his wife. If you think that the two of you used to share thoughts and feelings openly but suddenly he has become secretive, then this is a red flag. It is alright for him to password protect his computer, but if he refuses to tell you the computer’s password then something is definitely up.

2. Hides his phone and other bills

There is nothing to hide in cell phone, credit card and other bills if your husband is not cheating. This information should definitely be common knowledge between you both. Ask your spouse why he is trying to hide the bills. If he gets angry and accuses you for snooping or trying to control him, then he might be cheating on you. This is one of the biggest warning signs.

3. Working habits have changed

If your husband is going to work at odd hours or is giving more time to office than usual, then something is cooking for sure. If you think that he is going to meet someone else when he tells you that he is going to meet a client then go ahead and confirm it. Smell his shirt and check it carefully once he is back. If his shirt smells of a ladies perfume or has lipstick or hair on it then he is a cheater!

4. Pays a lot of attention to his appearance

If he is wearing new clothes, using cologne and making sure his hair is neat and combed all the time, then he is probably a cheater. You should get alert especially if he doesn’t behave like this normally.

5. Stays up late at night for surfing the web

It is normal for men to work on their presentations at night, but if he stays up till late every single night, then he might be chatting with his lover. Computer allows people to speak with their lovers online. They don’t have to leave their house for that. So, your husband might be using the ease of internet chat rooms, online dating sites, secret email accounts etc. to stay in touch with the other woman. If your spouse is using the computer a lot more usual then he might be a cheater.

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