Is Your Relationship In The Dumps? 5 Ways To Save Your Relationship

Is Your Relationship In The Dumps? 5 Ways To Save Your Relationship

Julie, 37 and Helen, 41 were sipping a hot cup of coffee at the club one fine morning when Julie started up a conversation glumly. “Helen, the real reason why I’ve called you here is that I’m in the dumps right now. I need to save my relationship which seems to be hitting a dead end.” Helen turned agony aunt to Julie and gave her the following tips to save her relationship from turning sour.

1. Stop fighting due to your ego

“Believe it or not Julie, some couples think that their relationship has come to an end and they want to do just about anything to save it, but what they don’t realize is that sometimes they’re just counting who’s winning or losing in fights,” said Helen, agitated. “You can save your relationship by introspecting with your partner about what the real problem is. If you both are in the dumps only because of ego issues, then it’s actually going to be pretty easy to save your relationship,” she added.

2. Stop bringing up the past

“Both our pasts have been so tumultuous, we’re never able to communicate with each other without friction,” complained Julie. “Julie, hear me out. This is the first and most critical thing in saving your relationship. You guys have to start off on a clear slate. Bringing up each other’s past and playing the blame game is going to make the situation worse,” replied Helen. Did you hear that friends? Saving your relationship entails letting go of the past to embrace a better present and future.

3. Keep some distance

“Julie, I suspect you might be fighting a lot with your husband because you both are professional partners too. You guys stay together all the time and haven’t realized the value of being apart from each other,” said Helen. “Do you mean I should be deliberately staying away from my husband to save my relationship?,” asked Julie. “Surprisingly, yes. You both will realize each other’s value by keeping the distance and will yearn to save your relationship as quickly as possible!”, laughed Helen, on a lighter note.

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