Does Possessiveness In Relationships Enhance It?

Does Possessiveness In Relationships Enhance It?

When you are in love, the feeling of belonging that fills your life with happiness and pleasure is so rare to find. However, with this joy, come a variety of imbalanced emotions such as jealousy, possessiveness, anger etc. Some would claim that these emotions ruin your life, however the truth is that such emotions run your life. We will talk about how possessiveness is a must-needed emotion in any relationship and some ways to handle it.

1. Do not panic

Realizing that you do not want your partner to talk to people of the opposite sex in an intimate fashion or for long hours may cause you to panic at first. But it is really not a worrisome thing. True love comes with attachments, and possessiveness is one such inevitable attachment. Being possessive of your partner only emphasizes on how much in love you are with him/her. If you can express it in the right way, then there is nothing like it. Act on it immediately but in a constructive manner. Remember that possessiveness is just a testimony to the true love that you have for your partner.

2. Express yourself properly

Most people end up breaking a relationship because of this unwarranted emotion. The presence of possessiveness in a relationship is not the problem. It is its immature handling which is the core issue. So when you know you are possessive, talk it out with your partner. Tell him/her how much he/she means to you and how hard it is for you to see him/her get close with other people. Do not fight. Explain. And listen to what your partner has to say. Maybe your possessiveness is totally unnecessary.

3. Understand the limits

Even though we say that possessiveness is good, you need to understand that too much of possessiveness is nothing but trouble. You cannot simply boil at the thought of your partner smiling at a person of the opposite sex. Such a reaction takes possessiveness to an extreme level, which needs to be avoided.

You need to realize when you are crossing over from ‘just a normal possessive person’ to the ‘obsessively possessive person’. In such cases, drawing boundaries and behaving rationally is very important. You cannot simply suffocate your partner and expect him/her to be happy in spite of your possessive behavior.

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