20 Ways to Be Romantic

20 Ways to Be Romantic

Expression of love is the only thing that makes a relationship sparkle with liveliness. No matter how much you love your boyfriend/husband, unless you show it to him, he really does not understand and realize how much he means to you. Not that you have to prove your love every day, that undoubtedly is inconsequential, but by being romantic most of the time, you remind him as well as yourself of the great state of love both of you are in. Listed below are 20 super ways to be romantic.

1. Be comfortable

First and foremost, be at ease whenever you are with him. Let him realize how happy and at home you feel being with him. This will make him understand that he is very close to you and the two of you are in an intimate association.

2. Be energetic

Be lively whenever you are with him. If you are bored or upset, let it not show on your face. You may of course talk about how you really feel but do not sit and brood as that is an instant turn off. Instead, enjoy your time with him, and you will wonder how your worries and languor have vanished like thin air!

3. Do not nag

The worst thing you can do is nag. Do not be fussy about things and you will be one of the most romantic girlfriends/wives around. If there is something you do not like, tell him once, and then forget about it. Think whether the matter is really more important than the well-being of your relationship.

4. Dress attractively

When you are with him, remember that he would want to feel good about being with you. So dress up beautifully and attractively. This will make him feel happier to be with you, and your love will blossom.

5. Maintain good eye contact

Always maintain a good eye contact with him while talking. Never look away as it might show that you are disinterested. A good eye contact will make you feel confident and it is a turn on for your man.

6. Decorate your home on his visits

Whenever you ask him to visit your home, make sure you take care to make the place lively with proper decorations. You do not need to go overboard, instead just use subtle props like fragrances, air fresheners, candles and so on just to alter the feel and look of the place which will make you appear more romantic.

7. Give him small gifts

Give him small gifts occasionally. These gifts need to be really understated like some flowers, a small box of chocolates, a perfume bottle or a card which depicts your love. These small things will keep him reminded of how much you care and think about him.

8. Make a phone call

Ensure that you talk to him regularly, even when he is out of town or country. Make a phone call at least once daily and tell him how much you miss him. This will keep the love active and both of you will feel good about being with each other.

9. Hold hands

It might not be possible always but whenever you can, hold hands when you are walking together. Of course, not on the streets, but when the two of you are on your own strolling at a beach or in some romantic park or picnic spot, hold his hands and make him feel the love you have in your heart for him.

10. Give him a surprise visit

Visit him at his workplace suddenly and then go out for lunch together. Though it might not be anything quantifiable at all, but it will definitely make you appear more romantic and he will love you even more.

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