6 Signs of a Toxic Friend

6 Signs of a Toxic Friend

Not all friends are for life. Nor are all as good as friends should be. You may have some amazing friends, but take notice of those friends whose company you do not revel in, whom you tend to avoid and whose very existence bothers you. Beware – it might just be your best friend. You must realize who these people are who are toxic and then strategically remove them from your life, once and for all. Here are 6 tell-tale signs of a toxic friend.

1. He/she never returns borrowed money

If you have a friend who never returns money he/she borrows from you, remember that the faster you get rid of that person, the better it is for you. The person will always take money from you but will have an excuse not to pay back or will simply forget about it till the time you stop asking and will never have enough money to be able to pay you back.

2. He/she is always complaining

The friend who always complains about everything that is wrong is, undoubtedly, toxic. You must avoid such a friend who, every time you meet, complains about how bad things are and will even coax you to feel bad about all those things, even if you are feeling fine about them.

3. He/she tries to control your friend circle

Does your friend give you advice about the people you should contact and those you should not? If you have a friend who tells you why you should not ask someone for help or why you should not hang out with someone and tells you about experiences he/she might have had involving the person in question, you should dump him/her immediately because not only is he/she coloring your opinion about a person but he/she is also trying to control your friend circle – creating one in which he/she will be more comfortable.

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