8 Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas

8 Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas

If you are in a long distance relationship, then you have all the reasons to miss your boyfriend. The best way to keep the relationship going is through expression. And, gifts are the best form of expression in a long distance relationship. Listed below are some gift ideas you could send your partner if you are in a long distance relationship, read on.

1. Gift basket

Online gifting stores take care of all your needs. Send him a gift basket with assorted chocolates and goodies. Find an online gifting store, order and send it across to him. The minute he receives your gift basket, he would be overwhelmed with joy. Send a rose flower bouquet with a cute personalized message to make him feel good.

2. Movies

Does your boyfriend love movies? Then gifting him movie CD’s is perhaps the best option. Website like Amazon, features the best movie titles. If you know which movie he likes or prefers, buy it from the site and send it to him. This would surely be your gesture of love for him.

3. Make a calendar

Want to surprise him? Make a calendar using your photos with him. Different pictures for different months will surely surprise him. Make a dedicated print version calendar or a self made paper calendar, if you are creative. Send this to him, he will surely feel blessed to have a girlfriend like you.

4. Name bracelet or pendant

A perfect gift for him would be a half heart name widget. Buy two identical hearts with yours and his name initial. Send one to him, and you wear the other. Make sure he also wears it. This will surely keep your relationship going strong. You also have an option of sending him a bracelet or a pendant with his name initials.

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