8 Things That Will Make You Look Older

10 Things That Will Make You Look Older

There are plenty of things we do that can make us appear older than our age. Here are 10 things that make you appear older. Try to eliminate the cause of the old look and begin looking young.

1. Frown

Yes, you read that right. A frowning face is likely to appear older than a smiling one. When you smile, your face gets a transparent glow. On the contrary, a frown will make your face appear older than you actually are. It will create ugly frown lines on your forehead.

2. Obesity

Often, we tend to neglect our weight once we begin to age. What we don’t realize is that, growing fatter will only make us appear older than our real age. Hence, it is important to keep yourself fit and healthy. Exercise regularly and also watch what you eat.

3. Not dressing up your age

Dressing up grandma style, when you are barely 40, is likely to make you appear old. But wearing clothes that are meant for girls 10 years younger than you, will make you look older than you really are. Many think by wearing clothes meant for younger people, they will be able to hide their age. The truth is that it will do exactly the opposite.

4. Overdone eyebrows

Thicker eyebrows will make you look younger, whereas thinner eyebrows will make you appear aged. Excessive plucking can also result in scanty growth in future. This will make you look dull and kill all the spark on your face.

5. Dark circles around your eyes

Apart from taking away the sparkle from your eyes, dark circles make you appear older than what you really are. Hence, make sure that you get them treated. In the meanwhile, you can find solace in a concealer.

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