5 Reasons Why Success Is Bad

5 Reasons Why Success Is Bad

If you ever wondered what it is to be successful, you should also consider thinking about reasons why success is a curse. Success is a deep rooted need and every individual is groomed to think that way from the moment he begins to think. The demand and pressure on every individual from within and outside is to achieve goals and aims in life. There is a lot of thinking one needs to do to see it through. Thus, we aim to explore some of the reasons why success is bad.

1. Succumbing to pressure

Man brings upon himself and triggers a lot of pressure from different sources to become successful. He/she is constantly thinking and devising ways and means that will lead him to success. He/she loses sleep, burns midnight oil, compromises his health and engages in a lot of activities that may cost him dearly in his life. Through all these, there is induction of high stress levels that wreck havoc and cause damage to his/her body and mind.

2. State of blindfold

To be successful and stay where he/she is, a person becomes blind to glaring opportunities that lie right in front of him/her. There is no hard and fast rule that every challenge requires a lot of running and hard work. There are many for which the solutions lie right in front of him/her. But there is neither any patience nor any rational thinking to perceive with a clear and concise state of mind. This blindfold is due to stress and ridiculously compelling need to excel.

3. Constant need to upgrade

Learning and quest for knowledge is good but these should not rule or dominate your life over other important things. Some people are constantly engaged in what is termed as the path to advancement. While this is a natural process, indulging excessively in it will leave you flustered and stressed out during the ordeal.

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