8 Signs You are Addicted to Online Dating

8 Signs You are Addicted to Online Dating

Online dating is surely fun, but do not get addicted to online dating. If you get addicted, then it can surely cause problems in the long run. How will you know about the addiction? There are some signs which will help you, continue reading to know.

1. Excess usage

If you use your computer or laptop the whole day, just to check online profiles, then you probably are addicted to online dating. If you know about all the major dating websites, then definitely you are addicted to them. Logging on multiple times to check the profile request is a classic sign of online dating addiction.

2. Restlessness

If you feel restless without checking out the online dating profiles, you could be obsessed about dating online. It could be due to addiction. You might feel the urge to check the dating profiles and choose the best one. If you are not able to check your online dating profile for a day, then you might feel restless or uneasy.

3. Affects relationships

If you are addicted to an online dating site, then you would gradually stop talking to your family and friends. This is like a natural progression. You would argue with them without any reason. If they ask you the reason, then you would lie to them about the using online dating websites. You are too addicted to online dating if this is your behavior.

4. Random requests

Spending too much time on online dating websites may also lead to you sending random requests. You send requests to strangers for dating, or you send requests to profiles which you have screened. This is a clear indication of an addictive behavior.

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