7 Things to Do While Waiting for Someone

7 Things to Do While Waiting for Someone

Life is filled with more instances of waiting than actually doing what we were waiting for. On a lighter and lesser philosophical note, we all have gone through the irritating period of waiting for someone who is a regular late comer. These times come quite often in life and can be made exciting and productive instead of boring and restless if you follow these 7 tips given below.

1. Edit pictures

In this era of smartphones, you can’t really get bored while awaiting someone. However, if you are fed up of playing games and chatting aimlessly online, you could download a host of exciting photo editing apps. They are great fun to use on pictures and one can keep editing for hours altogether, it’s that addictive.

2. Observe people around you

A great exercise to do is to observe people around you. This doesn’t mean that you stare at them. Keep glancing at their actions, expressions and voices. Surely you would be able to find something new, interesting and amusing from such observations.

3. Close your eyes

If you are in a public place or on a transport vehicle, ensure that you are not wearing any expensive jewelry and clutch your purse before doing this exercise. Close your eyes, massage your temples and eyes and rotate your neck. This is an excellent relaxation technique to calm your nerves.

4. Chew gum

Purchase a pack of gum or keep one handy in your purse at all times so that you can chew on a gum while waiting for your not so punctual colleague or friend. This will be like an exercise for your jaw and facial muscles that will help in toning the fat on the face.

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