6 Ways to Reconcile With Your Best Friend

6 Ways to Reconcile With Your Best Friend

Friends are forever but there can be times when you fall apart because of certain issues. Being friends means being able to forgive. Here are 6 ways to reconcile with your best friend.

1. Buy her fancy jewelry

What money can’t buy some fancy jewelry sure can! For smaller fights, arguments and fall outs, buy her something she really wants so that she knows how much you care for her. You can give it to her in a purse making it an additional gift.

2. Make amends by talking it out

If you really care about your friendship then you need to make it work, even if you have to call her a 100 times, stalk her or leave a dozen messages on her answering machine. You could even send her old pictures of your great times together and write an apology letter.

3. Go to her place with a box of homemade cookies

You can bake her chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies. Land up at her door step and keep it in front of her door with a sorry card. You can pop in when she opens the door. Go inside, get her some milk to go with the cookies and reconcile.

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