7 Ways to Find Out If Your Relationship Has a Future or Not

7 Ways to Find Out If Your Relationship Has a Future or Not

Couples who have been in a relationship for a long time may get anxious about knowing more about their future together. If you are in one such relationship, you may want to figure out if you both will be together five or ten years down the line or not. Here are ways to know whether your relationship has a future or not.

1. Method of resolving an issue or an emotional conflict

The way in which you resolve an emotional conflict with your partner can determine whether your relationship has a future or not. If either of you don’t make the first move to patch up after a fight, talk about matters that have not been discussed or make efforts to put each other’s troubles to rest, your relationship may not sustain for long. A relationship can have a future only when there are no unresolved conflicts and arguments to deal with.

2. Being on the same page

A guy and a girl in a relationship may have totally different interests, but they should ideally be on the same page as far as moral, values, virtues, ethics and mindsets are concerned. Being on the same page involves having the same outlook and end goals in life. If you or your partner have chosen different life paths, your relationship may split into two different ways later on.

3. Commitment phobia

Signs of commitment in a relationship must be there in some form or the other to be able to gauge whether it will survive the test of time or not. If you or your partner is commitment phobic, the future of your relationship could be on a shaky ground. It doesn’t matter whether you both get married or not, the crucial part is the surety that you both have love for each other in your hearts.

4. Faith and confidence in each other

Does your partner support you in everything you do? Do you support your partner in every endeavor? A relationship can last long only if partners are a source of strength, support and inspiration for each other. If you or your partner lives too independently, your relationship may fall apart quicker than expected.

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