5 Exercises for a Healthy Heart

5 Exercises for a Healthy Heart

Exercise is a basic requirement of the body along with a healthy diet, adequate sleep and water intake. It helps to maintain and build your body’s resistance and immunity. A regular fitness regime is required to be followed to maintain the heart’s health. The heart pumps blood to the body and it is imperative to keep it healthy. Here are 5 exercises for a healthy heart.

1. Aerobics and zumba

Aerobics is a great form of cardio workout for the body. It is interesting as it is not a monotonous kind of workout. It is a combination of fast and slow moments, stretching and cool down exercises. Zumba is also a cardio workout but is faster than aerobics steps. It is a fun dance workout and helps to maintain a healthy heart and body.

2. Walking

The most flexible and convenient form of workout is walking. You could go for a walk in the garden, park, ground, or any place you like. You could choose to go in the morning, evening or night according to your work hours and free time. Listen to music and do brisk walking.

3. Swimming

Swimming is a refreshing form of workout. It helps you relax as it is an entire body workout. Join water workouts or just put laps. It will help to increase your heart rate and maintain heart’s health.

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