50 Things Girls Wish Guys Knew

50 Things Girls Wish Guys Knew

It is a known fact that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Perhaps, that is the reason why guys fail to understand what girls have in their minds. Hence, we’ve made a list of a few things girls wish guys knew.

1. If you love a girl, tell her how you feel. You never know she probably feels the same.

2.You must workout. We like our guys to be fit and trim.

3. Girls enjoy sex too, if not more than guys.

4. Not all girls masturbate. And we aren’t lying when we tell you that we don’t.

5. We don’t enjoy porn and we definitely don’t enjoy guys watching porn in front of us.

6. Being able to make us laugh is more important than being able to do pushups.

7.We love to receive flowers and gifts, when we least expect them.

8. Don’t compare us to your ex-girlfriends. There’s a reason why they are your past and we are your present.

9. If you find another girl hot, keep it to yourself.

10. We like to be told that we’re beautiful.

11. We like it when you cook for us. It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy. It is the thought that matters.

12. We like our men to be chivalrous.

13. We love flowers and gifts when it is least expected.

14. When we have a girls’ night out, don’t be mad. We need it as much as you need the boys’ night.

15. We love clicking snaps and love to show how cute we look together to other people.

16. Don’t expect us to look our best all the time. We may also get lazy at times like you do.

17. Don’t even think of lying to us. We will find out anyway.

18. Surprise us once in a while! Spontaneity will get you a lot of benefits.

19. Be nice to our friends. We respect our friends’ thoughts about you. So make sure to make a good impression.

20. Guys must make the first move. We like it that way.

21. Being drunk does not excuse any of your actions especially if it involves being with another girl.

22. We like to be complimented a lot.

23. Do not brag about us to your friends unless you want us to talk about you down there to our friends. Gossip works both sides.

24. If you want a girl to melt, kiss her in the rain.

25. We like to be held and hugged tightly as often as possible.

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