6 Fun Facts About The June Birth Flower

6 Fun Facts About The June Birth Flower

The birth flower for June is the Rose. It means that all the people born in June share this sweet scented flower of love as their birth flower. Most species of the June flower originated in Asia and other species are native to various areas in Europe and North America. Rose is widely produced in many parts of the world because of its commercial value.

1. Origin of Name

The name ‘Rose’ comes from the Latin word, Rosa. It is also called as “gillyflower” and “clove pink.” The scientific name for few popular Rose species are listed below.
Rosa Canina – Dog Rose
Rosa Gallica – Gallic Rose
Rosa Virginiana – Virginia Rose
Rosa Banksiae – Lady Banks Rose
Rosa Californica – California Rose
Rosa Carolina – Pasture Rose

2. Physical Appearance

The Rose has a wide range of species with varying physical characteristics. Most species show parallel leaves up to 15 cm long with 5-9 leaflets. Most Roses are five-petaled flowers and each petal is neatly divided into two white or pink colored lobes. There are five sepals below the petals. It bears a berry-like fruit called as “Rose hip.” Sharp thorns is a very common feature in the Rose stems in most species.

3. Symbolic Meaning

The June birth flower, Rose, has always been appreciated for its beauty and symbolizes love, romance, admiration, friendship and peace. Different colored Roses carry different meanings with them. A Red Rose means true love. A dark Pink Rose symbolizes gratitude. White Roses symbolize innocence, purity and peace. Yellow Roses represent platonic love and friendship.

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