8 Fun Kissing Facts You Will Love Reading

8 Fun Kissing Facts You Will Love Reading

Kissing in itself is an art and when you master the art, you enjoy it more! Kissing is fun, enjoyable and sensual too. If you do think you know all about kissing, you might just be wrong! Whether you have never kissed or kissed many a times, there are many intriguing facts about kissing that you must know. Here are 8 interesting kissing facts. Read ahead and you’ll know.

1. Kissing helps you burn calories! Yes, kissing works a bit like exercising and burns around 26 calories a minute. Now guess how many calories were burnt when a couple in London in July, 2005 kissed and locked lips for about 31 hours, 30 minutes, and 30 seconds!

2. Kissing is a great way to improve your health and also stay healthy! Yes, research shows that kissing might help in anything from improving your skin color to preventing tooth decay and increasing blood circulation!

3. If you do wonder how the symbol ‘X’ came to be represented for a kiss, here is the answer. In the Middle Ages, there were people who used ‘X’ as a signature as they could not read or write. With ‘X’, they displayed their sincerity towards it and with time, this sincerity of love came to denote kiss itself!

4. Ever wanted to feel your adrenaline level shoot up by doing some parachuting or paragliding? No need to bother so much. Kissing gives you nearly the same effect. While kissing, the same neurotransmitters get released in the brain as when you perform adventurous stuff.

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