7 Top Complaints Married Women have About Their Husbands

7 Top Complaints Married Women have About Their Husbands

Irrespective of age, nationality and religion, married women across the globe have certain common complaints regarding their husbands. Here are a few of them.

1. Cleanliness and organization

One of the pet peeves of most married women is that their husbands are not clean and tidy enough. They leave their wet towels on the floor, keep the toilet seat up, leave dirty utensils in the sink, keep the mail flying all over the living room or put used socks back into the closet. Women hate the fact that they have to clean up after their husbands all the time. They feel that this unnecessarily adds to their household responsibilities.

2. Lack of involvement in children

Married women with kids have another common problem with regards to their husbands that they are always complaining about. Over a period of time, it is typically the women who tend to get more involved in their kids’ schools and extracurricular activities. Women don’t like the fact that they have to spend all their time after kids while their husbands are busy putting in efforts to succeed in their careers.

3. Lack of romance

Women in relationships thrive on romance. After marriage, it is commonly seen that couples lose the spark that they had when they were dating. One of the common complaints of married women towards their husbands is that they become less romantic after marriage. Suddenly, they loose interest in their wives and start becoming attracted to other women. Married women may also be forced to keep comparing their husbands’ attention for them before and after marriage.

4. Lack of listening skills

Married couples are known to keep fighting with each other for small or big things. Women expect to talk and sort out a situation after every fight but men may get fed up of such lengthy and emotional discussions. This is a common complaint that many married women have. They think that their husbands don’t respect them and hate listening to them.

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