5 Relationship Tips for Recently Divorced Women

5 Relationship Tips for Recently Divorced Women

Have you recently gone through the harsh phase of a divorce? It is, indeed, a heart breaking phase of life. But, you have to go through it in order to close the chapter of marriage. This does not mean divorce is the end of life. You have to move ahead in life. You may find it difficult to face your family, friends and coworkers. You may find it really hard to build new relationships. But moving ahead is the only way out in such a situation. Here are some relationship tips especially put down for recently divorced women.

1. Do not hide your past

When you resume your normal life after a divorce, it is obvious that you’re trying to forget your past and begin your life anew. Hence, you may feel like keeping your dark past a secret. But a wiser way would be to reveal the fact that you’re divorced. It is better to be honest about your own life when interacting with people. This way, they would get to know the real picture and the real you. Also, if a person is willing to accept you with your flaws and your past, only then they deserve to be a part of your life.

2. Do not reveal too much about your past

While it is true that you must be open about your thoughts, opinion and past, especially your divorce and the reasons behind it, you must not reveal too much about your past life. This is because you may end up offering too much information to the other person and give them a chance to take advantage of the situation. For instance, you may reveal the fact that your ex-husband refused to give you a particular gift which you fell for the moment you saw it. If the person with whom you’re sharing this has a bad intent, he might gift you the same thing just to impress you and may ask for some favor which you won’t be in a position to offer. Since you are in a gullible state of mind after a recent divorce, it is best to stay away from leaking too much information about your past. Who knows, who might take what kind of advantage in such a situation of yours?

3. Do not be too critical

It is true that people out there are waiting to take advantage of your situation and hurt you in some way or the other. But that does not mean everyone is the same. Some people are genuinely nice and they know to respect a woman and her feelings. Do not judge everyone’s motives and be too critical about each and everyone’s actions. A divorce is your chance to begin something new, something better. So, take this opportunity to know more number of people. But, do not lose a good person just by acting too critical.

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