7 Habits That Ruin Your Appearance


You always try and develop new and healthy habits that can improve or enhance your beauty and overall appearance. However, in doing so, it is only natural to forget avoiding those old habits that are doing more damage than good, and are in fact making your new habits ineffective. Yes, it is agreed that old habits die hard. But if you are very conscious about your appearance, then it’s time that you say goodbye to some of those old habits that may be ruining your appearance, without you having any clue. Here are those sinful habits that you totally need to kill

1. Smoking

Smoking leads to the development of free radicals in your body, which not only mess up with your internal systems and overall immunity, but also cause you to have fine lines, wrinkles and a pale skin. Each time you take a drag, you are also curbing the flow of fresh oxygen inside your body, which eventually makes your skin look dull and lifeless.

2. Drinking

While drinking alcohol once in a while is okay, consuming it on an everyday basis can leave your body extremely dehydrated. It can also cause you to become lethargic and slow overall, and makes you lose focus and attention from work, thereby making you less efficient. Plus, if you consume too much beer, then you may end up developing a ‘beer belly’, which is an instant put-off.

3. Touching your face constantly

Your hands touch all kinds of things during the day, ranging from the food you eat to the computer you work on, to shaking hands with sweaty-palmed people. Imagine putting all that dirt and grime on your face each time you touch it! You are only contributing to the germs and bacteria on the skin, and that can eventually cause more acne, or make your skin conditions worse.

4. Slouching

Slouching not only makes you come across as a lazy or unconfident person, but also causes problems in the spine. You may permanently develop a hunch that can kill your overall appearance, and you may also face problems of back pain. Always maintain a correct posture while standing, sitting or sleeping, and ensure that you have the right kind of chair in the office to sit on, and the right kind of mattress on your bed.

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