7 Interesting Facts About the Trial of Oscar Pistorius

 Interesting Facts About the Trial of Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius, a name that got associated with a gory murder trial and made it to the bold headlines of various newspapers and channels, worldwide for all the wrong reasons. It was a year ago that the double-amputee, best Paralympian Runner in South Africa, was charged with the murder of his girlfriend. However, only this time the sportsman could not run far enough from the judiciary. Here are 7 interesting facts about the trial of Oscar Pistorious.

1. Oscar Pistorius maintained throughout the trial that he accidentally killed his girlfriend, mistaking her for an intruder inside the house. However, two of Pistorius’ neighbours, Dr Stipp and Charl Johnson confidently establish that they had heard a woman screaming on the night of the incident. That leaves us with one obvious question: ‘How is it that Pistorius, who mistook his girlfriend for an intruder inside the bathroom, continued firing through the door even after he heard her screaming?’

2. Pistorius states that when he realized he had shot his girlfriend, he tried to open the bathroom door; at first with his prosthetic legs, and then when that didn’t work, he finally opened the door with a cricket bat. However, the bat found in the scene of the crime was found bloody.

3. Dr Stipp, a key witness in the murder trial states that, as he entered Pistorius’ home, suspecting something after the screams and gunshots, the first thing he witnessed was Pistorius crying over his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp’s dead body and praying to God to undo his doing and revive her.

4. Contrary to Pistorius’ statement that, he only switched on the bathroom lights later after he fired the shots, Dr Stipp states that he remembers seeing that the bathroom was lit up as he came out to the balcony to get a clearer sound of the gunshots.

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