8 Surprising Facts About Fashion

8 Surprising Facts About Fashion

Every woman loves to follow fashion trends. Fashion is one thing that is considered a mood lifter for most women. Fashion trends keep on changing with seasons and need. However, do you know facts related to fashion? Well if your answer is no, than here are some surprising facts about fashion that you must know.

1. Short haircuts are a fashion statement today, but this was not the case always. Did you know that in 1800 and early 1900, unfaithful wives used to don short haircuts. This is a strange fact ever heard!

2. Did you know that clothes could also be vintage? A clothing item before 1960 is considered vintage and after that it is considered retro.

3. Did you know that almost 200 jeans can be made using a single bale of cotton? That is surprising and good for people who wear jeans all the time.

4. A surprising fact – about 80% of women buy shoes of a smaller size. Well, there is no particular reason for this, but we wonder why?

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