6 Ways to Know if it is Time to Move In Together

6 Ways to Know if it is Time to Move In Together

Are you thinking about moving in with your boyfriend? Use these indicators to figure out if it is time to be in a live-in relationship or not.

1. You have been in a relationship long enough

A strong foundation to your relationship may be one of the pre-requisites of moving in together. There is no prescribed time period that you need to have spent together in a relationship to move in, but it should be long enough. You must have a gut feeling about taking your relationship to the next level and a sense of trust for your boyfriend.

2. You and your boyfriend should be financially independent

Moving in with each other may require you to lease a new apartment, buy new appliances or make other expenditures related to moving in. Even if you plan to move in with your boyfriend who already lives by himself, you should ideally be financially independent. Letting your boyfriend spend for you or borrowing money from your parents will refute the whole point of living an independent life and moving in with your boyfriend. Borrowing money from your boyfriend or vice versa may also create complications in your relationship in the long run.

3. You only spend nights apart from each other

Are you spending the whole day with your boyfriend? Do you say goodbye to each other only at night? Do you sleepover at each other’s place often? If you are practically spending most of your time with your boyfriend, you might as well think of moving in together.

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