9 Ways to Find Out If You are Really Ready for Marriage

Ways to Find Out If You are Really Ready for Marriage

Getting married, for most of us, is like a decided, natural course of womanhood. Every girl dreams of her Mr. Right sweeping her off her feet. Marriage makes all sorts of promises, of undying love, unbending trust, eternal understanding and a happy cocooned life together. But, perk up your ears women! Before you run head long into marriage, please sit yourself down and analyze each of these simple yet important things.

1. You believe in the institution

Marriage is a huge decision. You must honestly believe that marriage will truly complete you and your partner. It is an ultimate destination of fulfillment. If this is your reason for getting married, then you are on the right track girl!

2. You are ready for the responsibilities

Responsibility personified is marriage – an event that’ll change your life forever. Ask yourself if you are actually ready to take on so many responsibilities. Are you ready to play the roles of a wife, friend, hostess, daughter-in-law, cook and even a mother?

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3. You have accepted ‘we’ instead of ‘me’

Getting married entails a swift transition from single to collective. Everything suddenly becomes ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’. You’ll have to share every little detail of your life with your to-be spouse. You’ll be accountable for your partner too after marriage. Are you ready for this?

4. You are ready to compromise

A strong marriage is built on little compromises. Introspect whether you are willing to shift your entire world for him, right from your home and job to friends’ circle and shopping places. If you are having even slight doubts, then please steer clear of marriage at present.

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5. You are financially stable

Before tying the knot, you need to weigh all the pros and cons of marriage. On the top of your list should be financial stability. You have a great job, a great package and the most understanding boss. This is for now. What if you have to change this job? How are you planning to support your family after marriage? List down your priorities. If you still have this burning desire to get to the top, then don’t marry now.

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