5 Interesting Facts About the Mosque Near Ground Zero

Interesting Facts About the Mosque Near Ground Zero

Ground Zero is the place in lower Manhattan where previous to the terrorist attacks, the twin towers of the world trade Center stood. Since the attack where the plane crashed into the tower killing and injuring many, the structure was bought down and the place has become a sort of memorial. Park 51 is an address that is pretty close to the Ground Zero. What is unusual about this particular address is that this structure houses a mosque and an Islamic cultural center. Critics and opponents of the mosque argue that it is not a wise decision to build a mosque so close to a site of destruction and that it might lead to future trouble. However the Islamic cultural center and mosque is open these days and functions without much trouble. Here are some interesting facts about the mosque near ground zero.

1. Although it is referred to as Park 51, it is also called the ‘Cordoba House’

The building is referred to as Park 51 owing to its location on the park and the numbering system but is also referred to as the Cordoba house. The name Cordoba is after the place in Spain, where in the period between 8th and 11th century, there was peaceful coexistence between the Muslims, Christians and the Jews.

2. The controversy over the building of the mosque was owing to its proximity to the Ground Zero

Many people who were against the mosque coming up in that site opposed it as they thought it was too close to ground zero and that they felt that this looked to be rather a Muslim memorial than a cultural center. It was the conservative bloggers Pamela Gellar and Robert Spencer who dubbed the project ‘Ground Zero Mosque’. They also head the ‘Stop Islamization of America’ campaign.

3. The place has always been used as a place of worship

Even before the announcement of the big project and the attacks, this particular building has always been used as a place of worship by the Muslims and a lot of people tend to forget the people. The developers behind the project claim that it is being built to act as a peaceful place of inter community and religious dialogue, while also housing a mosque.

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