8 Important Things that Happen During Teenage Years

8 Important Things that Happen During Teenage Years

Teenage is the most tumultuous period of one’s life. The transition stage where the child is getting ready to leave childhood and enter adulthood is very vital and critical both at the same time. To understand it properly, one needs to be aware about what happens during this phase. Here’s a list of some of the important things that happen during teenage:

1. Physical growth

It seems like all of a sudden kids shoot up and become taller. Puberty comes knocking and brings with it a host of physical changes. Children become ready to enter adulthood.

2. Mood swings

The drastic hormonal changes that come along with puberty make teenagers moody and temperamental. Added to it is the emotional effect brought about by this transition. All this accounts for mood changes in your teenager.

3. Confusion and disorientation

Teenagers can often end up being confused and disoriented. This is because everything around them seems to change rather suddenly. Proper counseling is needed to bring about right emotional responses to the physical, physiological and psychological changes experienced by them.

4. Rebellion

You may find your obedient child turning suddenly into this rebel teenager. It is normal. As they are growing up, they are trying to make sense of the world around them. Often their views seem to clash with that of prevalent norms and authority. So in response, they rebel and try to assert their identity and point of view.

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