5 Myths about Children People Tend to Have

5 Myths about Children People Tend to Have

Children are quite difficult to handle, and with age, their complexity increases. When one becomes a mother, she ultimately is blessed with a boon. However the responsibility of raising a child can be stressful. Discussed below are some general myths about children that people tend to have and believe in.

1. Children should not be compelled

Some parents may never go against their children’s wishes thinking that it may affect them badly. However, this is not the case. When you don’t want your child to do something, or have something, make him/her understand with reason. Don’t blindly refuse, instead put forth facts and let them take an informed decision. And if you have already decided for your kid, backup your decision with proper and acceptable reasoning.

2. Children should not get what they want

Some parents take parenting to heart. They believe that if a child is allowed to decide for himself/herself, then he/she may turn out to be pretentious and stubborn in the future. This is totally untrue. As a kid, giving your child freedom from time to time may teach him/her valuable lessons of responsibility, accountability and decision-making. Make sure you intervene and influence your child’s decisions when he/she seems to be going in the wrong direction. But, it is sometimes okay to let them choose their own toys and clothes.

3. Children hate vegetables and milk

Certainly, not! Children, because of their sweet tooth, may favor ice creams and chocolates and may not be fond of eating raw vegetables or drinking milk. But you must understand that when you force them to eat vegetables and drink three glasses of milk everyday, they might only fight more. Instead, try and invent new, tasty and healthy recipes to make your child eat the vegetables. Remember, children get bored easily and so it is imperative that you cook different and a variety of food and beverages for them.

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