How To Get Over Your Crush?

How To Get Over Your Crush?

A crush is a beautiful thing! Your mind plays with the idea that you could actually be with him sometime and have the most magnificent of relationships ever. It almost seems epic if your crush even as much as looks at you for a little over two seconds! And if ever you come in about one feet of proximity, the world seems such a wonderful planet to be born in!

However, the truth is that all these weird and unearthly feelings are just a concoction of some naughty hormones playing with your brain. Remember that each one of us have crushes in our lives and it is difficult to get over them. But even if it takes too much time, eventually we actually do get over our crushes because having a crush and loving someone are two very different things. You should understand that the chances of your crush being your life partner are less and you are most likely to feel depressed if you receive ‘no’ as an answer from your crush. Thus, you need to get over your crush and look for true love instead. Here are 5 effective ways how you can get over your crush.

1. Stop thinking about him

In order to get over your crush, you first need to stop thinking about him. This is indeed difficult and needs plenty of determination and will power to be able to accomplish. But you need to control your mind and refrain from getting lost in thoughts about him.

2. Stop fantasizing about being with him

You must stop fantasizing about him immediately. The very thought of being with your crush is so irresistible that you simply cannot let go of such a wonderful idea because of the way it makes you feel. But unless you stop feeling that way, you will not be able to get over him.

3. Remember you are not in love

Mostly, a crush is an infatuation and rarely has any bearing with true love. Also, you should consider that he does not love you. Otherwise, he would not have been still a crush – he would have become a lover or a friend. Remember that you are not in love and it is love that you should seek, not fantasy.

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