6 Tips to Improve Your Blogging Skills

6 Tips to Improve Your Blogging Skills

Blogging is the new age way of communication. While previously only people at power in the media could express their opinions and influence people, today any literate person with a good gadget and an Internet connection can do so. For learning the art of good blogging and making sure that your blog is on the path to improvement, here are some handy tips to implement.

1. Keep tabs on those blogging about topics similar to yours

Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. This saying stands true for blogging because you ought to keep tabs on those blogging about topics that are similar to what you are blogging about. They are your rivals so you need to be one step ahead of them to gain an edge over them as far as readership is concerned. Remember that they are probably following your blog for the same reason.

2. Use Windows Live Writer if possible

If you can install Windows Live Writer, then do so as soon as possible for it is the best software for bloggers on the market. Also, keep links to social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc, visible and ready for readers to share instantly as well as keep themselves updated about the latest blog entries.

3. Break the blog posts with short paragraphs and bullet points

Many great blogs, full of worthwhile content, have been overlooked and ignored by readers in favor of comparatively less deeper but more precisely written ones. The key is presentation. Long, chunky paragraphs full of words are not going to earn you readers’ interests. Break them down into pointers and short paragraphs by practicing brevity.

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