10 Romantic Things to Do For Your Boyfriend This Christmas

10 Romantic Things to Do For Your Boyfriend This Christmas

Christmas is the time to spread cheer and happiness all around. Shower your love and care to those who matter and those who need it. We’re pretty sure your boyfriend too is waiting for you to give him some special surprise this Christmas. Go ahead and read the following romantic things to do for your boyfriend this Christmas.

1. Go for a candlelight dinner

Candlelight dinners are always romantic and serene. Make reservations to his favorite restaurant or a restaurant he confided in you that he would love to visit. Another great idea is to prepare a meal for him and decorate the house only with candles and ribbons.

2. Give him 12 love boxes

This gift is based on the ’12 days of Christmas’ song. What you have to do is get 12 boxes of the same pattern. Keep real presents only in two of them, while the others will have reminders like concert tickets, movie tickets, photographs of you two and so on. You can gift him all the boxes on Christmas itself or start giving them 12 days before Christmas.

3. Give him love coupons

Love coupons are a special way to show your love for him and create special moments for both of you. You can write ‘back massage’, ’25 kisses every day’, ‘sing your favorite song’ and such romantic activities.

4. Plan a getaway

If you live in the city, you can go to a small town to spend your Christmas away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. You can also visit the countryside and spend a romantic weekend there.

5. Gift a ‘lovebook’

Here’s what you need to do to create a lovebook. Get a fancy scrapbook and make it look more Christmas-like by sticking holiday cards on each page for your loved one, little felt Christmas trees, snowmen, wreaths and such other things. Make the holiday cards small, almost like a note and write something special about him on each. Wrap the book in gift paper and tie a ribbon. Your lovebook is ready!

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