6 Tips to Improve Your Blogging Skills

4. Use pictures clicked by you

It is an easier job to copy paste relevant pictures from the Internet in to your blog and make it colorful and lively. However this can get pretty boring for the readers. To involve your readers fully, you need to take that extra effort and start personalizing your blog with pictures you click.

5. Reply to comments and comment on other blogs as well

Blogging can become a lucrative business for you if you expand your scope and horizons. This can be down by increasing your connections and making more people aware about your blog. Comment on other blogs in order to garner comments and traffic for your blog site. However, don’t use vapid comments like “Great blog! Check out mine at XYZ”. Make sure you make a proper intelligent, comment and then recommend reading your blog.

6. Don’t fill your blog for the heck of it

There are many people who start following a blog due to the interesting content and then abandon it midway when they realize that the blogger is starting to fill it for the heck of it. The case is similar to a TV series or serial which you start seeing but realize how much fluff is being added to it and the real content is diminishing. You will stop wasting your time and switch to another serial, right? Similarly, you should have a concise way of going about writing your blog. You need to be opinionated and have that flair for writing. Mere decorations, rants that go and on and random stuff won’t work in the long run.

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