8 Most Common Fears in Life

8 Most Common Fears in Life

We often are very hard on ourselves or others for being too scared to do something. The fact is that as humans, we often need to deal with some fears. So, the next time you curse yourself or someone for being afraid, just know that such fears are very common and almost affect all human beings. We give you some of the most common fears that people have in life.

1. Fear of rejection

This is a very common fear that haunts most of us. If it is about companionship, then we are afraid if our love will be reciprocated or not. When it comes to our career, we feel scared whether we will be accepted in a certain position or not. Also, when it comes to society, we all fear about not getting accepted in a particular social circle. All our life we try our best to fit in because the fear of rejection grips us.

2. Fear of failure

This is one thing that usually comes in the way of our success. Be it in any walk of life, if you are too scared to fail, then you will never give a shot at anything. We are too scared to take up a new job, get into a marriage, accept a challenge, or move out of our comfort zone because we are not sure if we will succeed or not. This fear hinders us and does not let us explore our full potential.

3. Fear of intimacy

Many people feel scared to let someone in. They feel uncomfortable with the fact that someone else may know them as well as they know themselves. They do not open up to people because they do not want anyone to see right through them. It is this fear of intimacy that prevents us from getting too close to someone and we end up putting walls around us.

4. Fear of public speaking

Saying something when you have an audience in front of you can be a scary thing for many of us. This fear of public speaking is very common and people usually stay away from such an event. Be it a presentation, a declaration, a wedding toast, or more, it gives them cold feet. They would rather talk to a person face-to-face rather than face a huge audience.

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